🎛️Become a validator

Who are Validators?

EtherPOS validator is a holder who stakes to create new Ether tokens to be distributed on the network, validators can also be called suppliers because their job is to confirm new Ether Tokens to be distributed on the network.

About Validators

It all depends on how much you are willing to take the risk. You need at least 0.8 ETPOS and an NFT CARD to enable the program to become a validator.

Following the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space, many new players are entering the scene, and while browsing the list of projects ranked by marketcap.

Any Ether user can become a validator by staking ownership of ether to be locked in no time.

It takes at least 0.8 ETPOS and 1 NFTCard (90 days of contract) you can already stake and get 15% of the etpos tokens that you plug in every month for 3 months or 90 days and automatically the stake prize will go straight into your wallet.

At the end of the Staking contract, the ether token will go straight to the wallet and you can extend the contract by buying an NFT card again according to the previous staking package.

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