This whitepaper has been prepared solely for information purposes, to assist interested parties in understanding EtherPOS Technologies (ETPOS). It has not been subject to any regulatory filing or review.

It should not be read as a prospectus prepared in connection with a general public offering and does not claim to contain all of the information that a prospective investor may require.

This whitepaper may be subject to change without prior notice. EtherPOS does not make or support to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, warranty, or undertaking in any form whatsoever to any entity or person, including any representation, warranty, or undertaking about the accuracy and completeness of any of the information set out in this whitepaper.

EtherPOS accepts no liability for damages, whether consequential or inconsequential, of any kind arising from the use, reference, or reliance on the contents of this whitepaper.

EtherPOS management team has provided comments on this white paper, it has been prepared by EtherPOS solely for business information purposes, and it expresses EtherPOS views and opinions, and reflects information and assumptions supplied by EtherPOS.

As such, EtherPOS management teams have no responsibility for the commercial model detailed in this white paper nor any of the forecasts and/or underlying projections. In that respect, EtherPOS involvement is only limited to providing input on market research for EtherPOS internal use.

Therefore, EtherPOS does not accept any duty of care to any third party in connection with this whitepaper and shall not be liable to any such third party for any loss, damage, cost, or expense of whatsoever nature that is caused by any third partyโ€™s use of or reliance in any way on this whitepaper. Should you choose to rely upon this whitepaper, you do so entirely at your own risk, and you are Disclaimer responsible for carrying out your independent investigations.

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